Heart of the Rotten Forest8 September 2021

Upated the wiki with the latest patch 1.02.315 with the new 138 dungeon !

The new patch bring new 135 item sets, a new set of jewels and blue weapons.
Some balance has been brought to the knights and the skill page has been updated accordingly.

2021 Mobs Update10 January 2021

Happy new year everyone !

For this new year a new update has been pushed to the wiki.
The main addition is the new page that list the open world mobs. There you can find mob data like HP, XP, location, and some of the mobs drop table (this page is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate and should only be used as is)

Not all the mobs are present on this page and others will be added to fit other categories later (dungeons, KQ, World Boss, ...)

Summer small update4 August 2020

Hello Isyans !

For this update no new content on the wiki but some quality of life improvement

  • Update of the database to the current game client 1.02.281
  • Fixed a bug in the quest page that showed the wrong mob kills in some quests
  • Improved the rarity selector in the item page to let you choose a list of rarities instead of just one

Also a Discord has been created if you want to suggest some features to add or to report bugs/errors

Quest page improvements5 June 2020

With this small update come great content. Many players requested some improvements on the quest page and some suggestions have been added to give more information for each quest.

So here is the list of changes :

  • Mob's quest drop. For each quest items you can now see from which mobs you can obtain them and what are their drop rate.
  • Required XP per level. And with that the % you can get from each quest (just a quality of life improvement for more readability)
  • Mob portraits have been added for the npc and mobs. (Some portraits are missing because they usually are charater like portraits which are in-game generated)
  • Locations of NPCs have been added. (some are also missing and should be added later)

In addition to these changes some bugs have been fixed for chrome users, quest page loading time should be a bit faster and the database has been updated with the latest client 1.02.277 (nothing worth mentioning except some items descriptions).

Lucky Capsules5 May 2020

Hello Isyans !

In this new update of the wiki the lucky capsule page has been added. You can find there the list of items that can be obtained in each capsules with their theoretical rate.

The wiki has also been updated for the mobile users, the top bar menu beginning to be huge a new navigation menu has been added and the premium items page has a new search bar at the bottom.

Premium Items & Skill Effects23 April 2020

It's been over a month now since the wiki didn't get an update but this allowed me to work on a big section that have been requested by many... the Premium Items ! In this section you will be able to check out all the premium sc items and see what they look like on male and female.

One of the most used sections of the wiki is the skill page so I decided to give it some improvement. The tooltips are sometimes not very explicit (for example cleric shield "Invincible" don't say how much damage it blocks) and some are even incorrect (mainly thinking about archers DoT tooltips).
Now you can see the real values of most of the skill! To see them you just have to click on the skill in the skill list to visualize an advanced section with its effects.

Items random stats15 March 2020

For this small update I added the random stats that can be obtained on (almost) every gear, weapons, shields and jewels. This information is available in the tooltip of the items and appear in green (if this bother you can untick the checkbox and you will have the same result as before).

Note that only items that were in the game during the level 125 cap and before have this feature (all items 125+ and talismans don't have it). This is due to one file that have not been updated for a while and I can't automatically link these items and their stats. I contacted gamigo to try and get some updated file. If they can't help then I will probably have to do it manually which can take a while.

Patch 1.02.27112 March 2020

This week the game receive a new update to fix some bugs and the wiki has been updated accordingly.

Cards & Titles29 February 2020

The wiki has been updated ! You can now check out all of the game Titles, their associated stats and how to acquire them. Some titles being unlocked by cards, I also added a Cards page.

Welcome to Fiesta Wiki10 February 2020

Welcome to Fiesta Wiki ! If you wonder what this website is about, its purpose is to help the community of Fiesta Online to have a better and deeper understanding of the game. As of right now the website expose some of the game data that are extracted directly from the game client, you may also find some information that are not visible in-game (e.g., the passive skills stats)

The website is still in its early stage of development and right now only quests, skills, alchemy production and gears are available but there is still a lot more data that needs to be displayed ! A roadmap may arise some time later to let people choose what development should be focused. The goal is also to make this site community driven and be as useful as it can be.

Disclaimer : You may encounter some incorrect data, for example if you check the mastery gain of T5 Stones production, it currently shows 0 mastery gain. This is due to the fact that all of the data are from the game Client and this kind of data are only relevant for the server (which probably use different files) so keep in mind that everything in here can't be 100% accurate. That said, these kinds of "bug" should be fixed and a Discord may be created to let you report these issues.